News from Patou Nordique

July 2011: Major updates coming soon

A major update will soon arrive here

December: Cahina will be mated soon ** New **

We are anxiously waiting for Cahina to start her heat. When the time is right we will go to France for the mating with Derar du Doggenhagen, a white Aïdi male born April 24, 2008 from Udfel d'Araval and Ouzro de la Baume Cromagnon. Derar has, in spite of his low age; already several show titles such as World Winner 2009 in Bratislava and Champion of Slovakia. His parents are probably the most merited Aïdis in the world. Udfel (the mother) has 10 champion titles; CIB and nine national champion titles plus a large amount of winner titles. Ouzro (the father) is a champion Internationally (CIB) and in France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Morocco.

December 13: Cahina was shown to a breed specialist from Morocco. ** New **

The Stockholm show had engaged a breed specialist from Morocco to judge Aïdi and the African sighthounds (Azawakh, Sloughi and Saluki). Abderrahi El Baroudi gave Cahina a lot of praise, as well as BOB and CACIB. The short critique was: "Excellent type. Nice dog, typical, could be stronger, excellent pigmentation, excellent head and proportions, excellent chest, excellent topline and underline, excellent tail." Afterwards he explained that with "could be stronger" he ment that she could be more "like a bear", but that she is still a young bitch and that will come with age. It was good to hear that she is a very typical and good bitch, and very appropriate for breeding.

November 25: Belle x-rayed ** New **

Belle was x-rayed with the result HD-A. Next pyr litter will be spring 2010 from Patou Nordique Belle and Wonderwhite's First Class (Oscar), see more under plans! Oscar is the most merited pyr in Sweden with 7 champion titles and several winner titles.

November 2: Dauphine Baltic Junior Champion ** New **

Dauphine was today Baltic Junior Champion, that is Junior Champion in both Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We congratulate Viktor and Jalena! See how much she resembles Niki now, her name Dauphine, the crown princess, really fits her!

October 31: Cleo Swedish show champion ** New **

At the show today in Växjö, Cleo was second best bitch out of nine, only beaten by a champion class bitch. She got a CAC, reserv-CACIB and became Swedish show champion. Congratulations to Agneta and Henrik!

October 17: Another litter of grand children ** New **

October 17 Patou Nordique Ariadne got a second litter at kennel Petit Voyou in Germany, 7 puppies; three males and four bitches.

September 20: Cahina got four titles in Brøøndby ** New **

Cahina succeeded in gaining four titles in the same show: Danish Champion, Nordic Champion, Copenhagen Winner 09 and Danish Breed Winner 2009. Arne Foss, Norway, was judging. A big thanks to Jessica for helping out.

September 12-13: d'Amour in Leipzig ** New **

d'Amour got two VDH-CAC, one club-CAC (KFUH) and one reserv-CACIB during the weekend in Leipzig. Ingrid Weininger who judged the Sunday show gave her a brilliant critique.

September 13: Leo, son of Balto ** New **

We got a letter from the owner of Leo, one of the sons of Balto in Hungary. Le has done very well at the shows; he has already got 5 CAC,3 CACIB, 6 times BOB, 5 times Hungaria Prima Junior, Junior Club Winner and Hungarian Junior Champion. See how much he looks lika grand-pa Jazz!

September 6: Afrodite International Champion ** New **

Today Afrodite got a CACIB in Luxembourg and by that she will be an International Champion (CIB) as soon as FCI has processed all the papers.

August 15: Cahina Norwegian Champion ** New **

Today Cahina became Champion of Norway at the show in Oslo.

August 12: Good bye ** New **

Jazz, our big kind teddy bear, left us today after being ill for a while. He was almost 10 years. We miss him a lot.


Jazz has been a fantastic stud dog. Partly because he has given a lot of good properties to his puppies, and partly because he has been wonderful in taking care of them. His 24 puppies
has collected 13 Champion titles so far, and if we also count the grand-children there are many more titles.


July 10: Cahina Champion in Tvååker ** New **

Cahina was BOB with CAC in Tvååker. As she was two years old last week this means that she is now Swedish Show Champion (SUCH). Ligita Zake from Latvia was judging, and she did not give away many Excellent this time. In the International show on Saturday Cahina took her second CACIB in Sweden from Agnes Ganami Kertes from Israel. Now we will mostly show Cahina abroad.

July 5: Birk Champion today! ** New **

Today Patou Nordique Birk (Bamse) was Danish Champion at the show in Bornholm. It was his third official show ever, and he has been BOB in all of them.

May 22: Bamse father to 7 puppies ** New **

Today Li and Mikael got 7 puppies from Pyr Angel-S Xena and Patou Nordique Bamse (Ozzy). Vi wish them all luck with the puppies!

May 16: Cleo got the CAC in Hässleholm ** New **

At the national SKK-show in Hässleholm was Patou Nordique Cleopatra (Cleo) third best bitch and got the CAC. Per Svarstad judged 15 pyrs (6 males and 9 bitches). Congratulations to Agneta and Henrik and good luck at the future shows!

April 11: The puppies of Balto has new successes ** New **

At the international show in Szilvásvárad, Hungary, Demoiselle Imelda (the daughter of Balto) got CACIB and BOB. Demoiselle Leo (the son of Balto) was Junior winner. Both are by that qualified for Cruft's.

April 8: Cebbe x-rayed ** New **

The first x-ray for the C-litter has arrived. Cerberus (Cebbe) got HD-A and ED (0). All 12 x-rayed from the three first litters have been without any remarks.

March 29: New success for Balto in Serbia ** New **

Patou Nordique Balto was BOB and got CACIB at a show in Serbia. That means he is Serbian and International Champion (CIB). Imelda, his daughter also got a CACIB there.

March 22: Cahina Swedich Winner 2009 ** New **

Cahina was today Swedish Winner 2009 with BOB, CAC and CACIB for judge Piotr Król in Malmö.

March 22: Dauphine Junior Champion ** New **

Today Patou Nordique Dauphine was Junior Champion in Latvia. Many congratulations to Elena and Viktor, and good luck at the future shows!

March 21: The puppies of Balto at the breed speciality show ** New **

The puppies of Balto had great success at the Hungarian breed specialty show. The bitch Demoiselle Imelda was Hungarian Winner with CAC, BOB and BIS3. The male Demoiselle Leo was Hungarian Junior Winner and Junior-BIS3.

March 13: Today TV4 sent the program of Cahina ** New **

In the news program on TV4 Öresunds Friday March 13 they showed the short program of Cahina. You can see it here on YouTube.

Januari 29, 2009: We leave PYS! ** New **

Due to the recent change in the breeding policy of the Swedish pyr club (Pyreneersällskapet), we have, together with quite a number of other Swedish pyr breeders, decided to leave the pyr club. We can not support a board that encourage breeding with dogs suffering from HD (hip dysplasia).


November 13: More grand children in the Czech Republic ** New **

November 13, 2008 the J-litter at kennel Dogmania from Patou Nordique Artemis and Chester Dogmania. Congratulations to Stepanka for another beautiful litter.

August: Knaster competing in game tracking ** New **

Congratulations to Louise and Knaster (Patou Nordique Apollo) who today, at their first try in open class, got a first price in a game tracking competition. That is the first out of three needed for the title Game Tracking Champion! Now they hope for the opportunity to help out during the hunt for deer and elk this autumn.

July: Bamse champion today ** New **

Ozzy (Patou Nordique Bamse) was Swedish show champion by three CACs in a short time. He did also well att the Swedish breed speciality show in Norje Boke where he was fouth out of seven champions and beat some of those who usually wins the shows. Congratulations to Li and Mikael!

July: Cahina winner at the World Dog Show

Cahina won the CAC, BOB and the title Junior World Winner at the World Dog Show in Stockholm July 3.

June: Balto Hungarian Champion

Balto is now Hungarian Champion. We congratulate Istvan Danko and wish them good luck with coming shows, especially the Europan Dog Show in Budapest in october.

May 25: Afrodite Champion

Afrodite is now Champion of Belgium. We congratulate Marcel Procureur and wish them good luck in the future.

March: D litter has arrived

Our D litter was born March 9. Niki got 9 puppies, but on the second day two of the smallest ones died. Now we have 7 wonderful puppies, four females and three males. One male and one female are almost white with only tiny markings on the ears, the other puppies have strong and symetrical markings.

February: Cahina now Swedish

Now finally Cahina's Swedish registration number has arrived. Now we can enter her in shows. The first one will be in Malmö in March in puppies class. More important is that she can participate in the World show in Stockholm in July. She will be in junior class and compete for the World Winner title.

January: Niki mated

In the beginning of January Niki was mated with Minimax Peter Pan. Puppies are expected about March 10.

January: Afrodite wins in France

Patou Nordique Afrodite has had a tremendous show year in France and Belgium. At 16 shows 2007 she has won 9 CAC, 3 reserv-CAC, 6 CACIB, 1 reserv-CACIB and 4 BOB. With these results she is second best Pyrenean bitch in France 2007.

October 1: Cahina has arrived!

Cahina de la Baume Cromagnon is an Aidi, also callad Atlas Mountain Dog.
Aidi is the smallest of the mountain dogs, the hight is 52-62 cm. DIts origins are in the
Atlas mountains in Morocco. Cahina is the first Aidi in Sweden and she comes from kennel
de la Baume Cromagnon in Le Mans, France.

October: Bamse x-rayed

Bamse has been x-rayed in hips and elbows. Resultats are HD-A and AD ua (no remarks). Perfect!

September: No puppies this time

Alas there were no puppies for Niki this time. Niki will be mated again at the next heat. More information will come.

September 13: 10 valpar after Ariadne

Patou Nordique Ariadne gave birth to 10 puppies September 13 at kennel Petit Voyou in Germany.

August: Puppies expected!

Niki was mated in July with Wonderwhite's Dark Disguise. Puppies are expected about September 15.

Dozky is four years old and a very kind and gentle male. He is swedish and norvegian show champion. He is the father of Wonderwhite's G-litter, 13 puppies born in October 2006.

July 16: New grandchildren in the Chech republic

Patou Nordique Artemis got 10 puppies today at kennel Dogmania in the Chech republic. That means there are another ten grandchildren to Jazz and Niki. The father of the puppies is D´Artagnan Dogmania. One of the puppies who is called Island is arrouye already at the age of three weeks and will become a copy of her arrouye mother.

July 1: CAC and 4th in group 2 at the show in Rönne

Today Belle and Birk was at the show in Rönne at Bornholm. Belle got the CAC and was BOS, Birk got the CAC and was BOB. In the final he was 4:e best in the group! Congratulations to Erling and Vivian.

Juni 2007: First hip x-ray result for the B litter

Bilbo is first with the hip x-ray in the B litter. The resultwas B (A on one side and B on the other).

Juni 2007: All the puppies have moved out

All the puppies in the C litter have moved to their new homes. We wish them all the best and hope
to see many of them at the meeting in Norje Boke August 3.

March 14: New litter born!

New litter of 12 puppies born March 14 with delivery around May 20. The parents are
Minimax Peter Pan and Patou Nordique Athena

See images of all the puppies under Litter C

Februari 2007: Afrodite CAC and CACIB in two countries

Afrodite got the CAC and the CACIB at the show in Muscron, Belgium January 27. Judge was Mr
Dupas. February 3 she got the CAC and the CACIB at the show in Chalon en Champagne, France
with the judge Mme Thevenon. We congratulate Afrodite and Mr Procureur to fantastic results!

January 2007: Puppies coming!

Athena has been mated with Minimax's Peter Pan. The puppies are expected about 15 March.

29 December 2006: Plans for a new litter!

Athena will be mated within two weeks. The puppies are expected in the middle of March.

December 16, 2006: Balto BOB in Budapest

Balto was BOB, Derby Winner and Hungarian Youth Class Winner with CAC at the Derby show in Budapest,
Hungary, December 16 at the age of 14 months.

December 3, 2006: Afrodite BOB in Rouen

Afrodite was BOB with CAC and CACIB at the show in Rouen, France, December 3.

November 2006: Athena hip x-rayed

Athenas hip dysplasia result has arrived. She got A/A, which is the best possible result. This is the sixth
of our A-litter that is x-rayed and all has got A/A. It is Athena, Apollo, Aurora, Ariadne, Afrodite and Artemis.

This means that we continue with our plans to mate Athena.

July 2006:More Hip dysplasia results for the A litter

Apollo, Ariadne in Germany and Aurora in Denmark have had their hip x-rays. All three got A/A, which
is the best possible result. That means that all 5 from the A-litter that are x-rayed so far have got A/A.

June 11, 2006: Buster BOB-puppy at the European show in Finland

Buster was best puppy at the Europan show in Helsingfors for the judge Guy Mansencal, France

June 10, 2006: Jazz Club Champion in Balslev

Jazz won the club CAC at the Danish breed specialty in Balslev and can now use the title
Club Champion. It takes 4 club CACs for the title. Jazz took them in Silkeborg September
2002 (Alain Pecoult), in Balslev at the breed specialty in Balslev June 2005 (Guido Massi-
mello), in Holmegaard October 2005 (Birgitte Schjøth) and at the breed specialty in Balslev
June 2006 (Eunice Meredith).

May 28, 2006: Balto BIS puppy at a national show in Hyungary

Balto won the puppies class and was Best in Show puppy at a national show for all breeds in Hungary.

April 12, 2006: Hip dysplasia results for the A litter

Both Afrodite in France and Artemis in the Check republic have had their hip x-rays. Both got A/A,
which is the best possible result.

April 1, 2006: Baribal and Bambi moves

Baribal has moved today to Frank Klitgård and his family in Denmark. Bambi has also moved, to
Anne Grethe Skjolden in Bang, Norway.

March 12, 2006: Site statistics at better and better

Our best month so far was January 2006. We had an average of 80 visitors every day. These 80 visitors gave
3974 hits per day, this is how many images and textfiles the visitors look at. All January we had 2486 visitors
and 123 224 hits. This makes our website one of the most visited pyrsites in the world. Sunday Januari 22
we had 211 visitors and 14 974 hits in one day!

March 10, 2006: New images of the puppies in Holland

New images of the puppies of Jazz and Tyra in Holland. Aren't they cute! More images to be found at Elforca's Gård.


March 4, 2006: Afrodite got CAC at Flixecourt

Afrodite got her first CAC at the show in Flixecourt, France March 4.

February 18, 2006: Litter in Holland

Jazz was January 24 father of a litter in Holland. Mother of the litter is Eirwen Tyra van de Hienderheuvel,
she is called Tyra. There are two puppies in the litter, a bitch called Alaine Girou and a male called
Asbjörn. The puppies are now 3½ weeks old. Read more at Elforca's Gård



October 20, 2005: The puppies were born today

Today Niki gave birth to a large litter of 12 puppies, 7 males and 5 females. Both Niki and the puppies are doing fine.

October 2005: The puppies will soon be here!

We expect the puppies around the 19 october. Niki is starting to be really big and heavy.

October 2005: Jazz BOS at the show in Holmegaard

At the show in Holmegaard, Denmark the 8 october Jazz won the champions class and
thereby recieved the klub CAC, his third. He was also best male for judge Birgitte Schjøth.

September 2005: Apollo (Knaster) came for a visit

September 23 Knaster came for a visit. He and Athena played intensely for several hours. It
was difficult to get good photos as they were almost never in place. In the image you can see
how big he has become, because Tina who is about 75 cm looks small beside him.

September 2005: Ariadne second in her class at the French specialty

At Nationale d'élevage, the French specialty show september 18 Ariadne was second in class
très jeune ("very young") for judge M. Cassaghi. Seven dogs entered in that class.

August 2005: Athena got her first CAC in Ronneby

At the SKK show in the beautiful park of Ronneby Athena got the CAC from judge Kurt Nilsson.

June 2005: Niki BOB in Balslev

On the sunday show in Balslev, Denmark June 5 Niki won BOB and the Club CAC for the
Geman judge Ingrid Weininger. Jazz was second champion male, Argo was best puppy
with Cisse (Andromeda) as BOS puppy. 26 adult pyrs, 3 babies och 4 puppies participated.

At the specialty on Saturday with Guido Massimello from Italy as judge Jazz was
second best male, Niki third champion bitch and Argo best puppy. Jazz won the
judge's special cup for best expression.


May 2005: Jazz best champion male at the specialty in Västerås

At the Swedish specialty in Västerås May 8, 2005 Jazz won the champion class.
Athena was BOS-puppy. Hans Reinders, Holland was judging. 30 adult pyrs and
8 puppies participated.

May 2005: Jazz got the CAC at a French specialty

At the French specialty in Amiens April 30, 2005 Jazz won the open class and got
the CAC and R-CACIB from M Cassaghi. 22 pyrs participated.

April 2005: Plans for a new litter

We are planning a new litter for Niki. Please let us know if you are interested.

November-December 2004: The puppies have moved

Now nine of the puppies have moved to their new owners. The three males have moved
within Sweden, and six females have moved abroad, three of them to Denmark, one to
France, one to Germany and one to the Chech Republic. Athena will stay with us.

November 2004: Niki International Champion

Finally the papers and diploma from FCI has arrived.

September 21 2004: 10 puppies born, three males and seven females

September 21 our first litter was born, three males (one arrouye and two white) and
seven females (six arrouye and one white). Both Niki and all the puppies are well.

August 2004: Nikita best bitch at the specialty in Norje Boke

Nikita was best bitch at the Swedish Pyreneans specialty in Norje Boke 7 August judged by
Ruth Marcy, Alaska. Championsclass for bitches was the largest and best I have ever seen
with 10 participants. There was 20 adult bitches at the show. Second best bitch was Nikitas
mother Vi'skaly's Carissma Sati, and fourth was Vi'skaly's Jill Joy of Mountain, a sister of
Jazz. Best of breed was Vi'skaly's Fabian Sirius Do-Ca. Second best male was Nikitas brother
Vi'skaly's Nordique Norton. You can find the results at Jazz could not participate
due to an injury in the front paw. By this we end the show season of 2004.

This concludes a fantastic year for Nikita at the Pyrenean specialties. It started at the French
Nationale d'Elevage in September 2003 when she was second best bitch with reserve CAC for
Jacques Sénécat among 113 Pyreneans. At the same show Jazz won champions class judged
by Jean-Bernard Moings. Next specialty was in Västerås in May 2004 where Nikita was second
best bitch for Eva Eriksson. 31 adult Pyrs participated in this show. Although she lost her coat,
she was fifth best bitch and third in winners class at the Norwegian specialty in Morokulien for
Alain Pecoult in May 2004. Jazz was fourth best male (second in winners class) at the same
show. 70 pyrs participated. The last specialty was the one in Norje Boke in August 2004 where
Nikita was best bitch for Ruth Marcy. By this she confirms her position as one of the best
Pyrenean bitches in Europe.

July 2004: We are expecting our first litter

Niki has been mated with Jazz. Puppies are expected about the 24 September.
Both parents have excellent international qualifications and a wonderful temperament.
Let us know if you are interested by e-mail or by phone +46 708 32 11 17

February 2004: Niki becomes International Champion in a record speed

She took her first CACIB in Fredericia in Denmark the 9 february 2003 at the age of 15 months. After
that two Swedish CACIBs in Vadstena in July and one in Maastricht in Holland in September 2003.
As she got the CACIB in Göteborg the 14 February 2004 she becomes International Champion in a
record speed of one year and five days. Now we are waiting for the card from Göteborg and then for FCI
to do their paperwork.

January 2004: The "Pyr of the year"-lists for 2003 are ready

Niki was second best bitch in Sweden 2003 after her mother Vi'skaly's Carissma Sati.
Both Jazz and Niki was fourth on the list in Denmark 2003.

October 2003: Niki becomes Champion the day after her second birthday

Niki was two years old the 17 october. The day after she became a Danish show champion at the
show in Nestved with her forth Danish CAC. Four weeks later, the 15 November she bacame Swedish
show champion at the SBHK show in Sandåkra with her tenth Swedish CAC. Niki is by that the
youngest champion of Scandinavia.