Policy of Patou Nordique

Breeding policy:

We want to breed healthy, anatomically correct and mentally stable and pleasant dogs. We only use HD-free dogs with show qualifications in our breeding. Our goal is that the puppies will be very good specimens of the breed and that most of them can reach championship in their home countries. They shall also be so strong and sound that they can live the life of a guard dog in the mountains.

The looks are important, and there the breed standard is the guiding principle, but for the everyday life in the family the mental part is even more important. We test our dogs mentally at the French breed club RACP. Both Jazz and Niki has passed the test with 20 points out of 20 possible. They also meet the rest of the demands regarding health and show qualifications and are thus recommended by RACP. There are only a few dogs outside France that have reached the level of recommendation.

The growth of the puppies:

The puppies grow up with the family in the house and thus get very social. They are also accustomed to all kind of noises from the normal life. They get access to an enclosed part of the garden, and they see a great deal of the other dogs and the cat.

When the puppies are 3-4 weeks the new owners can come and visit. The last weeks at the kennel are most important for the puppies that will live without any other dogs in their new families, because then the puppy learns to get along with other dogs.

The puppies leave the kennel at the age of 9-10 weeks. They have then been given deworm treatment several times, they are vaccinated, ID marked (chip normally) and checked by the veterinarian. They have a health certificate and a dog passport and are registered in and have a pedigree from the Swedish Kennel Club. We acquire an export pedigree if necessary, and we help out with all practical issues in export of the puppies in English, French or German.


We are members of:
SKKThe Swedish Kennel Club
RACPThe French breed club
PyreneerklubbenThe Danish breed club
PYSPyreneersällskapet, the Swedish breed club
SBHKThe Swedish Mountain Dog Club

The memberships in SKK and RACP call for the breeder to promise to follow the guidelines for breeding and ethics established by the clubs.