Plans for Patou Nordique

Pyr litter

Puppies planned for winter 2011-2012

We are extremely pleased with the puppies in the last litter after Belle and Oscar. We will take one more litter from Belle, but has not yet decided what male to use.

Aidi litter

Cahina was mated 11 and 12 July with Pachalik de la Baume Cromagnon. Puppies are expected around 12 September. It will be Scandinavia's first litter of this interesting breed.

The initial task of an aidi is to guard the herds among the nomads of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. There they guard sheep and goats, but also their young children and their belongings. Aidi is said to mean dog on the Berber language. In today's society the Aidin still is in its original role, but it is also used as police and blind dog in Morocco.

Pacha has a different expression as his ears are completely cut off