Exports from Patou Nordique

So far we have exported 13 puppies to 9 different countries in Europe: Denmark, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, Åland, Norway and Latvia.


Patou Nordique Balto

HD-A, Balto has three champion titles, Hungarian hampion, Serbian champion, International champion, 13 CAC, 5 CACIB, 6 BOB and several winner titles

Balto lives in Hungary with Dr Istvan Danko
at his kennel Demoiselle

10 Balto is father of several litters, and some of his puppies are very successful in the show rings.


Afrodite de Patou Nordique

HD-A, Afrodite has several Champion titles, and many BOB, CAC and CACIB.

Afrodite lives in France with M Marcel Procureur

Czech Republic

Patou Nordique Artemis

HD-A, Artemis is Czech Champion and has R-CACIB and she was
BOB with CAC at the club championship show both 2007 and 2008

Artemis lives in Czech Republic with Stepanka Hradkova
and her kennel Dogmania

She has had two litters, Dogmania's I-litter in 2007 and J-litter in 2008.


Patou Nordique Ariadne

HD-A, Ariadne is accepted as a breeding bitch in Germany.

Ariadne lives in Germany with Caroline and
Roland Jung at their kennel Petit Voyou

September 13, 2007, Ariadne got 10 puppies (litter B) and in October 2009 their C-litter.


Patou Nordique Dauphine

Dauphine is Latvian and Baltic Junior Champion and has several champion titles as adult. She is also a certified therapy-dog.

Dauphine lives in Riga with Elena and Viktors at their kennel Patou Gauja.
They told me that she is the first Pyrenean Mountain dog in Latvia.

20 April 2010 Dauphine got a litter of 10 puppies with Irak Farma Stekot


Patou Nordique Birk

Birk is Danish Champion from the only three shows he has ever been to. He was BOB in the RØnne show 2007, 2008 and 2009

Birk lives at Bornholm with Erling and Vivian Kofoed

Patou Nordique Baribal

Baribal lives on northern Sjelland with
Frank and Anne Klitgard

Patou Nordique Andromeda

Andromeda lives on Själland with
Johnny and Charlotte Christiansen

Patou Nordique Aurora


Aurora lives on Jylland with Gert Ladegaard Jensen

Patou Nordique Atalante

Atalante lived on Sjelland with Anette Christiansen until she was tragically cilled in a traffic accident in December 2005.


Patou Nordique Buster

HD-A Buster was BOB-puppy at the European Winner show in Helsingki 2006
He has one BOB, two CAC and one Res-CAC

Buster lives in Finland with Kaj and Anita Koskinen-Mård



Fafne (Zack) lives in Åland with Marie Mattsson and her family.


Patou Nordique Bambi

Bambi lives in Norway with Anne-Grete Skjolden.
Där hjälper hon bl.a. till med fåren.