Patou Nordique D-litter  080309

March 9, 7 puppies (3 males and 4 bitches) were born
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The puppies own pages

The parents
The bitches:

Dauphine ** Nouv. **




The males:





The weeks at the kennel

the first week
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks
5-6 weeks
7 weeks

Food time

Anna-Linda (owner of Patou Nordique Cerberus) came by to remember how it was a year ago...

080325 2 weeks old.

080327 Puppy 7 has fallen asleep on the paws of mama.

080328 Maria is teaching the white male how to relax (puppy 7).

070318 9 days old.

5 days old and Niki is alredy letting Cahina into the puppy den to help out with the puppies 080314

2 days old 080311. Look at the little marked bitch at the right that has found such a lovely place to sleep on top of her siblings. Her nose is almost black already!

Niki is caring for her babies. Newborn 080309