Bilbo has moved to Ingrid Marklund in Krokom, Jämtland in the north of Sweden.

Bilbo and Grizzly for a walk in the forrest December 2006

Bilbo at Åreskutan in August 2006

Bilbos first summer has contained both swimming and a show where
he got a prize of honour and was best puppy of the breed   June 2006

Bilbo was on a ski trip on the Easter holidays. Here he is guarding
the sticks so they won't disappear during the coffee break.

At the farm in Västerbotten March 2006

Didi, the sister of Grizzly came to visit (January 2006)

A visit to Blanches house. It is good to have
a sister only 20 km away! (January 2006)

Bilbo was on a ski trip at the new year weekend. At first it was fun to run, but then
it was more comfortable in the sleigh. Is this what they call a sleigh dog?

Niki got a kiss for good-bye

Bilbo with Niki and Jazz before the long trip to Jämtland

December 9, 7 weeks old

November 24, 5 weeks old

November 19, 4 weeks old

November 11, 3 weeks old

November 4, 2 weeks old