Bijou (Signe)

Bijou has moved to Nils-Erik and Margareta Persson
and their daughter Kristin in Sövestad outside of Ystad.
She is now called Signe.

Signe celebrated her birthday with a friend. October 20, 2006

Progenity group at the Norje Boke show 2006. Niki with Apollo, Athena, Bamse and Bijou.

We visited Signe (Bijou) April 29. She and Belle had a great time.

Portraits of Bijou. Difficult, for she was never still.

April 2006

March 2006

Tired after the puppies class

February 2006

Bijou moved January 28

Bijou in the snow on Christmas day

December 9, 7 weeks old

November 24, 5 weeks old

November 19, 4 weeks old

November 11, 3 weeks old

November 4, 2 weeks old