Athena (Tina)

Athena stays with us. She is arrouye in colour (red) just like Jazz.

Belle and Tina (February 2007)

Tina January 2007

Taking a nap

Tina is playing with Belle (May 13, 2006)

Tina is stretching (May 13, 2006)


Tina is now 18 months old. Here with Belle and Niki (April 7, 2006)

Tina is now 16 months old. Here with Argo, Belle and Baribal (February 8, 2006)

They look really alike!




Athena is now 7 months old and the same size as Niki (April 2005)

They look so alike! Athena and Jazz (April 2005)

Athena 6 months (March 2005)

Wrestling! (March 2005)

I'll get you daddy! (March 2005)

In the sand-pit (March 2005)

Can you see my teeth now? (March 2005)

Dirty!!! (February 2005)

With Ola on the bridge. (January 2005)

Playing in the snow (Dec 19)

Portrait (Dec 12)

Me and my father (Dec 12)

Me and my mother (Dec 10)

Athena, Niki and Chicken (Dec 4)

Athena is waiting (Nov 24)