Niki BOS in Norje Boke 7 August 2004

Vi'skaly's Fabian Sirius Do-Ca was BOB. Niki was BOS. Ruth Marcy was judge.

Nikita was best bitch at the Swedish Pyreneans specialty in Norje Boke 7 August judged by
Ruth Marcy, Alaska. Championsclass for bitches was the largest and best I have ever seen
with 10 participants. There was 20 adult bitches at the show. Second best bitch was Nikitas
mother Vi'skaly's Carissma Sati, and fourth was Vi'skaly's Jill Joy of Mountain, a sister of
Jazz. Best of breed was Vi'skaly's Fabian Sirius Do-Ca. Second best male was Nikitas brother
Vi'skaly's Nordique Norton. You can find the results at Jazz could not participate
due to an injury in the front paw.