Patou Nordique F litter

Six weeks old

Now the puppies are baptized! Except the first bitchen Fleur we have an Old Norse theme with the males Fafne, Fenris and Frej and the bitches Freja, Frida and Fylgia. First some images when they play, then the puppies own pictures further down.

Now it's always full speed ahead! The puppies play hard, then they sleep for a while.

Puppy 1, Fleur, blairreau bitch

Puppy 2, Fenris, blairreau male

Puppy 3, Frida, white bitch

Puppy 4, Fylgia, blairreau bitch

Puppy 5, Frej, blairreau male

Look at the giant steps he takes! It is Frej who is headed away in this picture.

Puppy 6, Fafne, blairreau male

Puppy 7, Freja, blairreau bitch

What do you mean "babies should sleep when it's night?" We are not a bit sleepy ... Fafne and Fylgia in the first image, Fylgia in the second and Fleur in the last.