Freja (puppy 7) blairreau bitch. She has markings on her right ear, but otherwise she is white.

Freja lives with Thomas Pettersson and Malin in Värmland. There lives also an arruye Great Pyrenees named Texas.

July 2011

Together with Texas

Nine weeks old (10 July)

Seven weeks old (26 June)

Six weeks old (19 June)

Four weeks old (5 June)

Three weeks old (29 May)

Here is Freja in the back of the picture

Two weeks old (21 May)

The happiest puppy in the world!!!

One week old (14 May)

First week (13 May)

One day old (8 May)

In this picture are all the puppies, but Freya is located in the lower level and can not be seen as good.