Frej (puppy 5) blairreau male. Smallest when they were born (in this gang, he is least, but 420 grams is not a small puppy), but he is always well ahead. It is he who finds the best places to sleep. He is marked on the head and the ears and have a spot at the base of the tail.

Frej has moved to Värmland.

Nine weeks old (10 July)

Seven weeks old (26 June)

Six weeks old (19 June)

Look at the giant steps he takes! It is Frej who is headed away in this picture.

Four weeks old (5 June)

Three weeks old (29 May)

You see Frej behind his brother, to the left

Two weeks old (21 May)

One week old (14 May)

First week (13 May)

With Frida, bitch number 3

One day old (8 May)

Newborn puppies but already so strong! Here is Frey to the far right.