Fleur (puppy 1) blairreau bitch A girl with strong views from day one onwards. She has markings on the head, ears and have a spot at the base of the tail.
Fleur is the one puppy that you never manage to lock up. You put her in the puppy den with the others, but five seconds later she's back and wonder "why may I not be with the big ones?".

At first Fleur was supposed to stay at the kennel, but finally we decided to keep Fia instead. Fleur lives with Rebecca Engsmark and her family in Oskarshamn.

Nine weeks old (10 July)

Fafne and Fleur

Seven weeks old (26 June)

Six weeks old (19 June)

Four weeks old (5 June)

Three weeks old (29 May)

Two weeks old (21 May)

One week old (14 May)

First week (13 May)

Together with Fia, Fleur is to the right in the picture.

One day old (8 May)

She appears on the far left in this picture.