Fylgia (Fia)  

Fia (puppy 4) blairreau bitch. Fia is always playful and creative. She is suddenly standing on the table and drinking water from a pitcher, but she is always sooo happy. She has a turbo in the tail as she always wags it!
She has a dark left ear, and a round dot on the forehead. She also has a spot at the base of the tail and one on the tail.

After much anguish, because it was incredibly difficult for me to decide, I finally chose Fia to stay at the kennel. The magic dog - blairreau on one side and white on the other!

Nine weeks old (10 July)

Seven weeks old (26 June)

Six weeks old (19 June)

What do you mean "babies should sleep when it's night?" We are not a bit sleepy ...

Four weeks old (5 June)

Three weeks old (29 May)

Fafne and Fia lies in the front of these pictures

Two weeks old (21 May)

One week old (14 May)

First week (13 May)

Here you see Fia (to the left) and Fleur

One day old (8 May)

The whole gang. Fia is in the lower level of puppies and can not be seen as good.