Fafne (puppy 6) arrouye male. He is the puppy that most frequently climbs out of the box (even now when they are five days old). He has markings on the head and ears and has a stain on the right side. He will be Arrouye in color, like his mother.

Fafne (Zack) lives in Åland with Marie Mattsson and her family.

Nine weeks old (10 July)

Seven weeks old (26 June)

Six weeks old (19 June)

Four weeks old (5 June)

Three weeks old (29 May)

Fafne and Fia lies at the front of these pictures.

Two weeks old (21 May)

One week old (14 May)

First week (13 May)

Fafne has found a nice place with Belle

One day old (8 May)

Newborn puppies but so strong! Fafne is second from the left in this picture.