Patou Nordique E litter

Five weeks 15/10/2011

Edition Originale

Puppy 1, Fawn male

Etoile du Berger

Puppy 2, Bitch, fawn with a white collar

Edition Limitée

Puppy 3, Male, brindle with white markings

Eclipse de Soleil

Puppy 4, Bitch, brindle

Edition de Luxe

Puppy 5, Male, fawn with a white collar

Eclipse de Lune

Puppy 6, Bitch, brindle

Edition Exclusive

Puppy 7, Male, fawn with white markings

Edition Spéciale

Puppy 8, Male, brown with white markings

Stella och Eddi kelar med Ola, Limit i bakgrunden