Patou Nordique E litter

One week

Now the puppies are baptised! The theme for the girls is space: The two dark girls are named Eclipse de Soleil (eclipse of the sun) and Eclipse de Lune (eclipse of the moon). The fawn girl is named after the planet Venus: Etoile du Berger (The shepherds star) which is a name for the planet Venus, what we call the evening star. The boys have all got names that starts with Edition: Edition Limitée, Edition Spéciale, Edition de Luxe, Edition Exclusive and Edition Originale

Edition Originale

Puppy 1, Brown/fawn male

Etoile du Berger

Puppy 2, Bitch, fawn with a white collar

Edition Limitée

Puppy 3, Male, black with white spots

Eclipse de Soleil

Puppy 4, Bitch, brindle with black and brown

Edition de Luxe

Puppy 5, Male, fawn with a white collar

Eclipse de Lune

Puppy 6, Bitch, brindle with black and brown

Edition Exclusive

Puppy 7, Male, dark brown with white markings

Edition Spéciale

Puppy 8, Male, white with brown spots