Patou Nordique E litter

Newborn 10/9/2011

Individual images of all the puppies further down on this page

The first photo of the puppies. It is male number 7 who is to the far left, then male 1, bitch 2, male 5, bitch 4 and male 8. Under the two in the middle is bitch 6 and male 3.

Here you see all the newborn puppies, and they all have different colours! From left lies male 8 (white and brown), male 3 (black and white), male 7 (dark brown with white spots), male 5 (fawn with a white collar), male 1 (dark fawn), bitch 2 (fawn/brown with a white collar), bitch 6 (brindle in black and brown) and bitch 4 (brindle like number 6 but darker). All of them have white on the paws or chest/stomach.

The breed standard says the following about the colour:
The coat colour is very variable.
  • Fawn: From washed sand to deep red. These coats can be brindled, with black overlay or carrying a mantle of any hue. This mantle can be widely spread.
  • Brown: From beige to burned bread shade. The lightest tones can have a deeper brown mantle.
  • Black.
All these coats can be spotted with white, the spots can go from a few discreet marks to a complete covering (white coat).

Puppy 1, Brown/fawn male

Puppy 2, Bitch, fawn with a white collar

Puppy 3, Male, black with white spots

Puppy 4, Bitch, brindle with black and brown

Puppy 5, Male, fawn with a white collar

Puppy 6, Bitch, brindle with black and brown

Puppy 7, Male, dark brown with white markings

Puppy 8, Male, white with brown spots