Dauphine has moved to Elena and Viktors in Riga, Latvia. There lives also
the Berner Sennenbitch Prada. According to them, Dauphine is the first
pyrenean mountaindog in Latvia!

She was Latvian Junior champion March 22, 2009 and has recieved several
champion titles and winners titles since.

Tourists in Paris

At the Louvre

Dauphine has become a certified therapy dog, here at an orphanage in Riga

At a show, March 12, 2011

A hug from the handler

Dauphine showed her puppies in progeny class

October 2010, excursion to the sea

Dauphine and Gesi

Dauphines puppy Barbelo and Pradas puppy Gesi are playing in the water

Dauphine had a litter of ten puppies April 10, 2010

Here she is majestic and watching the puppies playing below

With the cat and Prada in the snow, february 27, 2010

With Prada on the beach January 1, 2010

18 month old, and a real beauty! November 1, 2009

Every pyr needs a cat! July 30, 2009

May-June 2009

February 2009, 11 months old, a really beautiful bitch!

Breakdance together - that's coool!

Three months old (June 15) at a show with Prada

A swim June 1

Arrival in Riga, May 11

Nine weeks old (May 10)

May 1, Dauphine is standing on the well

Dauphine seven weeks old (April 27)

Five - six weeks (18 to 20 April)

Four weeks (April 10)

Three weeks (March 31)

Two weeks (March 22)