Patou Nordique C-litter

Four weeks old

Puppy 1, Chili, arrouye female

Puppy 2, Cleo, blaireau female

Puppy 3, Corona, white female

Puppy 4, Cerberus, white male

Puppy 5, Caesar, arrouye male

Puppy 6, Chérie, blaireau female

Puppy 7, Callisto, white male

Puppy 8, Caramelle, blaireau female

Puppy 9, Cristal, white female

Cristal plays with Corona with Chili behind and Cerberus sleeping in front of them

Puppy 10, Casanova, blaireau male

Puppy 11, Caresse, arrouye female

Puppy 12, Casus, arrouye male

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Now it is late, the grey cat Tarzan watch over
the puppies. Someone givs a big yawn, soon everyone sleeps.