Cahina de la Baume Cromagnon
The first Aidi in Sweden

Cahina de la Baume Cromagnon is an Aidi, also called Atlas mountain dog.

The Aidi is the smallest of the mountain dogs, the height at the shoulder is 52-62 cm. The origin of the Aidi is the Atlas mountains in Morocco. Cahina is the first Aidi in Sweden. She comes from kennel de la Baume Cromagnon in Le Mans, France, where she was born July 2, 2007. The breeder is Doctor Michel Gaudois, president of the French Aidi club who brought the first Aidis from Morocco to Europe.

Images from October 15 2007

Cahina and Belle fighting over the chair

With all the Pyrs

The first images in Sweden (Oktober 6, 2007)

It is so nice to sleep on Jazz

At the airport in Paris (September 30, 2007)